About Us

CargoFM was founded on the 27th November, 2018 by Ricky and Rob. They then set out an aim to change the Simulation Community for the better, through the power of music and sound. We are currently working on this goal every single day, with the help of out flawless, dedicated staff team!

Our radio servers consist of 128kbps, this ensures the music is outputted at a consistent level to make it sound high definition. We run off a custom software, with over 3000 to choose from, this guarantees variety within the system and makes certain that songs will not repeat!

How do I help? I hear you say. Well, you can help just by listening, this shows a lot more support rather than donating or funding our station. We don't rely on donations to keep us running, however they do help us out massively. Feel free to donate here

Contact Us

General enquiries: Office@CargoFM.co.uk
Complaints: Admin@CargoFM.co.uk
Advertising enquiries: Advertising@CargoFM.co.uk

5 Terre

CFM Offices, England